Every month, over 2 billion people visit YouTube. That is an astounding number, making it the world’s second-most popular search engine after Google. Every hour, millions of users from all over the world upload over 30,000 hours of YouTube videos to this social media platform. This means that you can’t afford to not include YouTube in your business plan, whether it’s a one-person operation or a large corporation, a labor of love, or a professional, money-making operation. Furthermore, you must understand how to use comments, likes, and subscribers to promote your channel.

Why should you Buy Comments for Your YouTube Channel?

Some people buy YouTube Custom comments in order to boost their growth, status, and engagement. Others do it to influence public perception of their company’s or brand’s profile or to maintain visibility and stay ahead of the competition.

Some buy comments because they are a lot harder to get than other forms of engagement such as “likes,” for example. This is due to the fact that leaving a comment requires more thought and effort than simply clicking the like button. People mostly buy comments because it’s a quick and easy way to boost their YouTube accounts.

Whatever the reason, purchasing these comments couldn’t be easier, and the procedure is usually the same regardless of which company or service you chose, hopefully, one of the prestigious and reliable ones listed above.

Once you’ve found a company whose values align with yours, you can look through the packages they have to offer. These generally range from small packages of 10 or 20 comments to more expensive ones that deliver hundreds of comments. These can be completely random or specific to the product or service that you are attempting to promote. It is always a good idea to select a service that will naturally drip-feed these comments onto your channel.

Then it’s just a matter of providing your YouTube video URL so that the comments end up in the correct place, making the purchase using a secure credit card system, and sitting back to wait for the comments to start trickling in. This usually begins within 24 to 48 hours of the purchase. Simple!

How Can You Increase the Number of Comments on Your YouTube Video?

Respond to Every Comment Engagement requires both parties to participate. Always respond to comments on your videos, whether purchased or not. To begin, if they have commented, you will most likely discover that you share similar interests; they may be posting content that is of interest to you, and thus they may become a valuable ally in the difficult process of getting noticed on such a crowded platform.

Second, it’s pleasant, and it’s nice to be pleasant. Third, the longer you can keep such conversations going, the more attention they will bring to your site; a two-way chat could turn into a large discussion that benefits everyone.

Why SMGains?

 SMGains is one of the best places to buy YouTube comments, a company with an unrivaled reputation for helping brands and individuals raise their profile and popularity.

They specialize in all aspects of social media promotion, engagement, and boost packages, and have helped raise the profile of thousands of YouTube accounts by providing various types of comments to their client’s accounts. These are genuine comments from real people, not automated bots or dead links. These are the people who would have found your profile anyway; SMGains simply expedites the process. SMGains has a proven track record for being fast and reliable, and they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided; however, with thousands of satisfied customers and a wealth of positive feedback to their name, they are very confident that this will not occur.

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