Soundcloud has become one of the leading music streaming platforms, creating an online music community of artists, fans, and music lovers. However, as more people utilise the platform, the issue of authenticity and fraud becomes paramount, for example, bot plays. Automated software can be used to distort the true popularity and engagement of artists and tracks by increasing the so-called play counts in what is known as “bot plays”. Such moves will only lower the credibility of the platform and prevent true artists from being noticed.

Can SoundCloud Detect Bot Plays?

SoundCloud relies on complex algorithms and analytics that track the play counts, among other things, of its users. The platform is very good at picking out irregularities, but the process of detecting bot plays is not fool proof. However, SoundCloud employs both technological measures and manual reviews to separate genuine engagement from manipulations.

SoundCloud understands the fact that bot plays is a very serious problem, and hence has made several measures to detect and fight against the same issue. This team employs complex algorithms and methods to pinpoint unnatural play count spikes from unusual user profiles as well as locations. In addition, they use machine learning models that assess patterns in user behaviour, making it possible to mark the bot accounts for suspicion.

However, the bots play remains a tough nut to crack because the bots continually change and develop new tactics to bypass detection. However, the sound detection methods used for SoundCloud are not perfect. Some bot plays might escape through the cracks. At this point, independent services such as SMGains help to confirm the genuineness of SoundCloud play counts.

Signs of Bot Plays:

To identify potential bot plays, there are several signs to look for:

  1. Sudden and Unnatural Spikes in Play Counts: Spikes in play counts, especially from unknown or newly created accounts, can suggest the use of bot.
  2. Geographic Anomalies: A high number of plays from weird, unforeseeable locations could also signal bots.
  3. Inconsistent Listening Patterns: The bot frequently does not listen in a realist approach. It either skips or plays a track for a short time.
  4. Lack of Engagement: Bots can be identified by the accounts with very high play counts but low engagement, like likes, comments, or reposts.
  5. Generic or Unrealistic User Profiles: Generally, bot accounts tend to have generic or non-specific names and profiles which lack personalised information or actual contents.

It is crucial for artists aspiring for genuine development to comprehend the signals of bot plays. Some signals may involve high plays, short playing time and non-organic user engagements. SoundCloud also monitors the points of plays and spikes from suspicious locations could raise alarms.

What is the benefit of buying soundcloud plays from SMGains?

Try using SMGains to increase SoundCloud exposure and grow organically as a musician. No illusion, just plays from real listeners.

SMGains bases its strategy on the notion that long-term success requires genuine engagement. SMGains connects your music to the authentic users who are really interested in listening to your genre.

The process is simple. Visit [SMGains](https: Feel free to visit // and discover different options that match your demands. Choose the package that matches with your goals then see real users discover and appreciate your tracks. SMGains outshines the rest of the crowd as it is transparent and ethical, so it will be the best place to buy sound cloud plays.

Benefits of choosing SMGains for buying SoundCloud plays:

  1. Authenticity Matters: SMGains gives you real SoundCloud plays thus ensuring that your music is listened to by authentic fans who understand your genre.
  2. Organic Growth: SMGains uses organic growth unlike bot-driven approaches. This increases your credibility on SoundCloud and provides a solid and long-term fan base.
  3. Targeted Exposure: With SMGains, you get to customise your campaign and target your audiences based on demographics, location, and music taste. The impact of your music will be maximised through the use of this targeted approach.
  4. Safe and Secure: Are you worried about the dangers of artificial plays? SMGains focuses on security of your SoundCloud account, in order not to have any negative consequences.
  5. Affordability: Quality should not come at a steep price. SMGains has a cheaper package which enables genuine SoundCloud plays to be accessible to artists at different phases of their careers.


The authenticity and integrity of SoundCloud is compromised by bots. Although SoundCloud has adopted some techniques to prevent bot plays, independent services like SMGains help artists to get real engagement and genuine growth. Choosing SMGains will ensure you have real SoundCloud plays and you will be really famous and succeed on the platform.

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