Do Influencers buy likes on Instagram?

Social networks are now a natural element in people’s lives, and one of the most widespread is Instagram. Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, so it is not only an application for sharing pictures and videos but also a platform that can be used by influencers as a tool for brand establishment, interaction with the audience, and cooperation with companies. However, behind the glossy photos and seemingly perfect lives, there’s a pressing question: Are likes on Instagram fake? If you are looking to buy Instagram likes, refer to this blog.

The Reality Behind Influencer Likes:

To be more specific, the short answer is yes, many influencers do buy likes on Instagram. Surprisingly, this practice, while widely considered to be unethical, is more prevalent than one might expect. However, what is the reason behind such actions, and what does it imply for brands and consumers?

Why Influencers Buy Likes?

  • Appear Popular: Another reason for purchasing likes is to associate with the image of popularity. High engagement rates give profiles a better appearance to brands and followers in comparison to others. This is a numbers game, and the more likes one has, the more influential the influencer looks than he actually is.
  • Boost Algorithm Ranking: From the above findings, it is evident that Instagram’s algorithm rewards posts that have the potential to attract higher engagement figures. When influencers buy likes, the posts are likely to be recommended for users to explore or even to be placed in the feeds of more users. As we have seen, this visibility may well translate into organic growth, which is why many are tempted by this approach.
  • Brand Partnerships: Companies tend to check the number of people who engage with the posts of the influencers they want to cooperate with. Purchasing fake followers and fake likes can sometimes boost these numbers, which makes the influencers look more attractive to prospective brand collaborators.

The Risks Involved in Buy likes on Instagram

While buying likes might seem like an easy way to boost popularity, it comes with significant risks:While buying likes might seem like an easy way to boost popularity, it comes with significant risks:

  1. Loss of Credibility : If the followers of the brands find that an influencer is purchasing the likes, this will be detrimental to him or her. There is nothing as real in the influencer world, and this is a sure way of losing credibility once you start buying likes.
  2.  Instagram’s Policies: Based on the terms of service of Instagram, one cannot buy likes. It has measures that can identify that the account activity is ‘’abnormal’’ and can actually demote the account if found to be involved in such practices. This can lead to having the account hidden or even banned from the platform entirely.
  3. Skewed Metrics: This is because buying likes creates fake followers and engagement that does not reflect the company’s products or services. Some influencers are faking the followers, and brands may hire them based on these fake figures, only to realize that the engagement level is much lower than projected. This can negatively impact both the brand and the influencer such as loss of sales, negative reviews, and the audience turning against the influencer.

The Ethical Considerations:

Ethically speaking, buying Instagram likes is not a good practice for influencers, and there are risks involved. Some may find it as fake and dishonest, a way to pretend and gain followers and friends online. This can be detrimental to the relationship followers have with the influencers they follow and can create a more skeptical and less engaged audience.


Despite the desire to attract as many people as possible to the post, it is better not to use such a strategy, as it raises certain questions and has its drawbacks. By stating these objectives that influencers should aim to target genuine followers and increase the engagement rate, the author emphasizes the importance of creating a credible and organic presence on Instagram.

If you are honestly interested in increasing the activity and popularity of your accounts, then it is worth using the services and tools that are safe and effective. Visit SMGains website for more information on this and other related topics and how to build your online presence in a genuine manner. When influencers embrace the principles of authenticity and focus on the development of genuine connections, they are capable of making a more profound shift, a shift that cannot be quantified in terms of followers.


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