Instagram is one of, if not the, most popular social media platforms. As Instagram users, we can find a wide range of content on the platform and filter it based on our preferences. Sometimes we come across content that is so beautiful that we want to look at it again and again. That’s why we’d like to capture a screenshot on Instagram. As a result, many Instagram users have the same question. Does Instagram send out screenshot notifications?
This question does not have a simple answer. On rare occasions, Instagram displays notifications for certain screenshots. Now consider when Instagram notifies you when you take a screenshot.

Does Instagram Notify you When you Take a Screenshot of a Photo or Video?

Do you like a photo while scrolling through Instagram and want to take a screenshot of a published post? Continue without incident: Instagram will not notify the user if you take screenshots of their photos and videos. Furthermore, instead of taking a screenshot, you can download a post to save it. For instance, suppose you want to save a photo from Instagram. Instagram photos can be downloaded for free without receiving notifications. This “no notification” setting allows you to save content published by other Instagram users, who can then do the same with yours! As a result, privacy can be easily violated.

Does Instagram Notify you When you Take a Screenshot of a Story?

Instagram Stories are a lot of fun. You can view the Stories of your friends and other public users. Stories can also be found on the Explore page. Sometimes we come across some really interesting content and want to take a screenshot of it. For example, you might come across a Story about a company that specifies its location and time. You may want to take a screenshot of it, but you are concerned that the Story owner will be notified of your screenshot. Fortunately, there is no such thing. Instagram will not send notifications if you take a screenshot of a story.

Instagram used to notify the owners of stories when someone screenshotted their content. It was a big deal back then, and Instagram removed this feature from the platform in 2018 due to privacy concerns.

Do Instagram Notify User Profile Screenshots?

Assume you come across an Instagram account and like the bio or the design of the profile. You might want to save it, so take a screenshot of a user profile. You can unwind! When you take a screenshot of a user’s profile, Instagram will not notify them.

Does Instagram Notify Message Screenshots?

We need to be cautious because some message types cause alert notifications to be sent to their owners when you take a screenshot. Direct messages with non-disappearing content can be screenshotted. You don’t have to be concerned because Instagram does not notify you of screenshots of these messages. When it comes to disappearing photos and videos, however, the situation is not the same. If you take a screenshot of these contents before they disappear, Instagram will send you a notification. So, if you don’t want people to receive notifications, think twice before taking a screenshot of these contents. If you send messages in vanish mode, be cautious about taking screenshots, as Instagram will send notifications for all screenshots of messages sent in this mode.


To summarise Instagram Screenshots, we have provided an answer to the question: does Instagram notify screenshots? Although it notifies of some direct messages, taking a screenshot of the rest of the content is not a problem.

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