Does Instagram remove fake followers?

Has it ever happened to you that you check your followers list on Instagram and think, “These are all real people?” This will be familiar to anyone who has engaged in building an audience on the platform. After all, any increased number of followers is always encouraging and can be viewed as a badge of honor as well as a sign of success. But what if some of those are fake followers because of their interest in your photos and videos? What if the total is made up of fake accounts or bots?

The good news is that Instagram has strict policies in place when it comes to fake accounts. They interfere with the balance of the platform by fabricating the number of followers and distorting engagement rates. Here are the guidelines for Instagram about fake followers and how to grow your account organically.

Is There Any Reality Behind Fake Followers Deletion by Instagram?

From the details of Instagram’s policy, it is not clear that they will delete fake followers from a given account. But, they have mechanisms for filtering out such fraudulent activity from the platform. This includes:

  • Automated Detection: Instagram employs complex heuristics for identifying more likely bots, for example, a sharp increase in the number of followers from accounts that have been recently active, or those with generic names.
  • User Reporting: There is the option of reporting the suspicious account to the Instagram administration. They will act if they get several reports about an account and even freeze or cancel it if necessary.

Signs You Might Have Fake Followers:

Although Instagram has its own algorithms that delete fake accounts, some of them might still be active. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Inactive Accounts: Are there any of your followers who have no profile picture, posts, or even a story? These are likely dormant or fake accounts that are receiving notifications.
  • Generic Usernames: When searching for a username, try to find one that is not associated with any letters and numbers in a specific pattern. These are used frequently by bots.
  • Low Engagement: Do you feel that your posts receive little engagement, such as likes or comments, in relation to the number of followers you have? This could point to the fact that some of the followers are fake and have no interest in what you are sharing.

Why Should You Care About Fake Followers?

It may appear harmless at first glance because fake followers are just numbers and not real people. To begin with, a larger number of followers makes the profile appear more popular to others. But they can harm your account at the same time, or at least they can have a damaging effect in the long term. Here’s why:

  • Reduced Reach: Instagram acts in a way that would allow the application to suggest the content the user would like to see. In the presence of bots, your content may not reach actual people who would have appreciated the posts.
  • Inaccurate Engagement Metrics: Having fake followers also means that you will find that the engagement rate of your posts is low because the fake followers do not like or comment on your posts. This can sometimes give the impression that your account is not as attractive to brands or potential partners.
  • Negative Perception: Having many followers, but they are passive and do not interact with the content of the profile, can also cause suspicions in other users. It could make them think that you have been faking your followers, which is a big no no in the social media world.

How To Increase Your Instagram Following Wisely?

Instead, concentrate on creating content for actual people who would be interested in it. By following these tips and letting Instagram deal with fake accounts, you will be surrounded by numerous and genuine fans that will certainly contribute to the development of your profile.

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