A Quick Guide On How To Get More Likes on Instagram

Ever since the pandemic and the lockdown, social media has been booming. Instagram has witnessed the largest growth in 2020. It’s become a platform that has allowed its users to explore new and unique ways to create valuable content. Though this social media platform has been with us for close to a decade, it’s managed to stay relevant and compete with other applications like Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. 

An average user spends at least 30 minutes of their life per day browsing Insta. The likes, comments, stories, reels, and reactions are what drives engagement. But just being on Insta is not enough. One needs to focus on driving engagement. But how to get likes on Instagram? Well, that depends on the account holder, the followers, the content, and the algorithm. Before driving engagement or figuring out how to get more likes on Instagram, start by understanding the algorithm. 

Let’s Talk Algorithm: 

When it comes to increasing reach and engagement, all brands need to understand the algorithm they’re working around. Most social media platforms function on an algorithm. While the algorithm is changing, it has one goal; to attract people and keep them hooked to the application. 

Though recent controversy has people confused about whether social media is good or bad, it’s the only space that allows brands and business organizations to interact with their audience. For success, brands need to decode or at least understand how the algorithm is placing their content. It is especially true for applications like Instagram as they recently have been re-working on their algorithm. 

Does the algorithm affect likes on Instagram? Yes, it does.  Is it harder to get likes on Instagram? Not necessarily, but it is vital to understand the updated functioning of the algorithm. 

The Instagram algorithm has started experimenting with the number of likes they’re displaying (the like count) on some select posts. It is in response to making the social media platform healthier for everyone. But it’s still tested out in select countries. But if this is going to be the future, is it important to get likes on Instagram?

To answer the above question, yes, it’s vital to get likes on Instagram. The new algorithm has some parameters that’ll highlight why it is critical to get more likes on Insta. Previously, the Instagram algorithm followed a chronological feed. But now, it’ll customize a user’s feed based on the following parameters: 

1) Interest:

A user’s Instagram feed will focus on providing content they like but historically analyzing all the types of content that they’ve previously liked or interacted with. It is why it is vital to follow the best way to get likes on Instagram. 

2) Timelessness:

It’s all about timing. Posts that are recently uploaded will feature first. The more recent posts rank higher on a user’s feed compared to the older post. A user who spends time scrolling through their feed is more likely to consume more content; whereas, a user who spends less time. Also, users can’t see every post if they follow many accounts. The fewer accounts they follow, the easier it gets to consume all content.

3) Relationship:

The advantage of social media is to bring people closer to their loved ones, and that’s what Instagram wants to do. The new algorithm prioritizes a user’s feed based on their interaction. They’ll show posts of people or accounts the user interacts with the most. 

4) Frequency:

For ardent Instagram users, their feed will be pretty much chronological because the algorithm displays posts based on when it was a poster. 

5) Usage:

This one is quite simple; the more a user scrolls, the more they’ll see. If they run out of content to consume, then the algorithm will suggest content. But if a user does not scroll much, they’ll pretty much get the highlights of the day. 

6) Following:

The more accounts a user follows, the more content they get to view. This parameter is all about the volume of content a user has on their feed. 

It’s easy to feel flustered or overwhelmed right now. The next question would likely be – ‘how to get likes on Instagram’ or ‘how to get more likes on Instagram‘; there are various hack and tricks to follow, but remember that it’s equally important to provide relevant and valuable content. What’s the best way to get likes on Instagram? Just a bit of research, lots of creativity, and a strategy in place, any account can get more likes on Insta. Keeping the algorithm in mind, here are a few tips and tricks on how to get more likes on Instagram

1) A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: 

Did you know that visuals are the most popular type of content? Having the right visuals and eye-catching aesthetics is the only way to stand out on a highly visual platform. The picture has to convey the message and add value to the user. It can be just a picture with a quirky caption, an infographic, a comic series, etc. Mediocrity won’t cut it; the visual has to be so appealing that it entices the scroller to stop and consume the content. It is the key to how to get more likes on Instagram.

2) Maintain A Hashtag Strategy: 

Have you ever wondered why hashtags are such a powerful tool? Because they’re great for building and driving visibility. In an SEO word, hashtags are like social media keywords. Hashtags can help an account get more likes on Insta, only if a brand uses them strategically. Don’t spam posts with pointless hashtags; use industry, brand, and user-relevant hashtags. Use them sparingly and with great thought. Have a look at what competitors or relevant influencers are using and curate a hashtag strategy. 

3) Great Minds Think Alike, So Collaborate With Them: 

The internet has many users who strive to create great and eye-catching content; content creators are key to instant-success. Collaborating with like-minded individuals will open a gateway to a whole new target group or validate a product or service to the existing audience. It’s an organic way of increasing reach or reaching out to a new audience. If the collaborations work and entice your follower, the algorithm might give the post an extra boost. Use Hashtags in your story and bios as well to get more likes on Instagram. 

4) Tag All The Right People & Right Places: 

From collaborations to showing value, tagging the right people will always help. Why tag? It will notify the account holder about the posted content; they can evaluate and then see if they would like to share it on their platform. Why let any opportunity go amiss? Even geotagging content makes it easy for new users to stumble onto an account or content. If a brand has a physical store, this will increase store visibility as well. It can translate to getting more likes on Instagram.

5) Consistent Posting: 

Being on social media means trying to build connections with followers through regularly posting relevant and valuable content. Brands and account holders need to balance a fine line. Content needs to go out regularly and on time. Set a strategy in place as to when content should go out and pen it down to the last detail through analytics. Find the right time to post, create a content calendar, have a content repository, and take feedback from your analytics. Many analytical tools will provide information for better planning to likes on Instagram.

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