How to get more play on SoundCloud?

Soundcloud has established itself as the go-to platform for musicians, podcasters, and any audio content creators who want to share their projects with the world. For those into music, podcasters, or anyone looking for more plays on SoundCloud, getting more plays is what you need. Here are some tips to ensure that you have increased your SoundCloud Play and also increased your reach on this platform.

1. Optimize Your Profile

First impressions matter. The profile you establish should be appealing and professional with a focus on SoundCloud. Choose a professional profile photo, preferably, your own, or if your organization is involved, choose a brand image. This is a classic example of how to write a bio that tells a story about oneself and also gives the listeners what to expect from the tracks. Use the links to your profiles on the different social networks or your website so that your fans can find you elsewhere.

2.Create High-Quality Content for SoundCloud play

The whole concept has a slogan “Content is king” and this is valid especially in SoundCloud. In addition, ensure that your recorded materials are of the best quality as far as is practicable. Buy professional equipment for recording and use quality software for recording, mixing, and mastering. The quality and clarity of the audio will be memorable and the audience will continue to listen.

3.Be Consistent

People are always waiting for the next update to be posted and this way they know that they will always be updated. Try to have some kind of routine of when you shall be uploading your media products and make sure that you strictly follow it. It is with the same frequency that people develop a routine and this is one of the key ways of growing the audience base.

4.Use Relevant Tags:

Tags are very important when it comes to searching in the SoundCloud music platform. This tag is to be used when your music belongs to that genre or type; this way, you will be relating to the music accurately. Try to imagine which keywords or keyphrases your target audience would enter in the search engine to find content similar to yours. This will help to enhance your results on the search as there are likely to include genre, mood, instruments and other related parameters.

5. Engage with Your Audience:

Strengthening the community is one of the most important strategies that can help to gain more plays on SoundCloud. Engage with your fans, appreciate them for their feedback and support by replying to the comments that your tracks receive. Like other artists, subscribe to them and be an active commenter, as well as belonging to groups that interest you. When it comes to getting more plays, SoundCloud offers the chance to try networking, which means getting more followers.

6.Share on Social Media:

Share all your tracks on SoundCloud on all your social media networks. Post these links on your Facebook, tweeter, Instagram and any other feed you have with your new releases. Perhaps making teasers or some other behind the scenes type content could be used to help promote the content. Hashtags also need to be chosen in a proper way in order to attract more people and ensure the dissemination of a large amount of information.

7.Collaborate with Other Artists:

Partnerships can help extend the exposure you get to new listeners. Collaborate with other musicians, recycle their music, or invite them to work with you. There is also the advantage of sharing the track when you are working together with another person, and that doubles its usage.

8. Utilize SoundCloud Features:

Use the features provided by SoundCloud as the Spotlight, it enables you to make the best tracks to be seen at the top of the profile. If you qualify for the use of the SoundCloud Premier, it is advisable to monetize your tracks using it. The more features you use, the more it will look professional and inviting to others who have an interest in your profile.

Consider Using Promotional Services: SoundCloud Play

As you know, sometimes life requires that you get a shove in the right direction to start moving in the right direction. Using a trusted promotional service like SMGains helps your tracks gain the initial popularity they need. SMGains has products that can help you boost your plays, followers, and SoundCloud likes. This can increase your authority and reach people who will listen to your channel naturally and not because of a promoted post.

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