How to get on the Instagram Explore Page

A lot of our clients ask how can we get on to the Instagram explore page? This section is a detailed report on how you can get to the explore page.

If you’re a newbie, you might be wondering what an Instagram explore page is. So the explore page is a feature on Instagram where people who are not following you still can see your posts.

This feature is a perfect platform to build real and active followers, if you can get your posts on it.

If you have a business Instagram, this is a perfect option for you to get followers directed to your account that follow and like accounts similar to yours. If they see your post on the explore page, they are more likely to at least like your post or even follow you potentially turning this into a lead.

In this blog post you will learn the following:

  • How to grow your account
  • How to use the explore page
  • How to use #hashtags to their full potential.

We are not saying this is a direct and correct answer because there is no set algorithm to getting onto the explore page but our study shows that this is the best and efficient way to make your posts go viral and eventually get onto the explore page.

To achieve this you simply need to do the following steps.

  1. Post a picture and a simple caption, we usually tell our clients to add an caption which is eye catching and unique.
  2. Add a comment afterwards with lots of hashtags; this is so that your caption will not be cluttered but also allowing you to utilize the hashtags. I generally recommend using about 20-30 hashtags. Now if you’re a business make use of location hashtags, somewhere near you or a location you would like to target.
  3. Enable location services so that your post has a location tagged on it. This can eventually get you local users following / looking at your post.

You will need to make sure the keywords you use in the hashtags are appropriate, you can’t have a fashion hashtag if your niche is about animals or comedy. Don’t use hashtags like “follow4folllow”, “like4like” etc. Make sure you avoid those, as people who have no interest at all with your profile, will most likely follow you!

Following the steps above are useful, but this alone will not guarantee you a place in the explore page.

The Instagram explore page bumps off any posts that are older than 24 hours and gets replaced with new and fresh ones. This means that you will have a very short period of time for your picture to get the spotlight on the explore page. So you might be wondering how in the world is this possible? And how can you do it. This is when you are introduced to getting fast Instagram likes!

Why should you get Instagram Likes?

You need at around 2500-3000 instant likes, to rank on the lower end explore pages, the higher the amount of likes, the higher the rank. If your growing a business then this is a great opportunity as this can improve your engagement.

This will allow you to get almost instant stream of likes which will then rank your picture and draw in thousands of real likes. Did you know to get into top post of hashtags your likes count matters?

If a certain hashtags top post is around 1000 likes on average, and you get your post to 2500 likes you will be ranked as a top post! And this way people who view the hashtags will see your post first too!

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