If you’re a YouTube creator or channel manager, you might be wondering how to become verified on the platform. When you have your YouTube channel verified, a badge appears next to the name of your channel, indicating to visitors that they are viewing the official version of your page. Verifying your YouTube account can also unlock new features that will improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

It’s easy to become verified on YouTube, but you must first fulfill a few requirements. This post will define YouTube verification, outline the advantages of becoming verified, and walk you through the process.

How does YouTube Verification work?

Verification on YouTube signifies that YouTube has looked over your profile and determined that you are who you say you are. Users of YouTube can see that your account is legitimate once YouTube has verified your profile.

What advantages does YouTube Verification provide?

Account and channel verification on YouTube can help you build trust with your viewers. A verified badge indicates that you are an official channel or account, and it can help people feel more confident that they are viewing accurate information from a reliable source. Another advantage of YouTube verification is:

  • Upload longer videos: By default, you can only upload videos that are 15 minutes long, but verified accounts can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.
  • Livestream on YouTube: To Livestream, your YouTube channel must be verified, and you must not have had any live streaming restrictions in the previous 90 days.
  • Add custom thumbnails to your videos: If you aren’t verified, you can only use thumbnails generated by YouTube. You may upload your own if you are verified.
  • Dispute content ID claims: Content ID claims occur when your uploaded video matches the entirety or a portion of another YouTube video. You can dispute these claims once you’ve been verified.

Who can get Verified on YouTube?

To obtain a YouTube verification badge for your channel, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a complete profile: You must have an active YouTube channel with a banner, description, and profile picture in order to be verified. You’ll also need to have content posted on a regular basis.
  • Be genuine: You must not lie about your age, name, or identity—you must be who you say you are. “Your channel must represent the true creator, brand, or entity it claims to be,” YouTube says. We’ll look at various factors, such as the age of your channel, to help verify your identity.”
  • Have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers: If you don’t yet have 100,000 subscribers, prioritize growing your audience. On a case-by-case basis, YouTube verifies accounts with fewer than 100,000 subscribers. You must not buy YouTube Views and Subscribers.

How to Get YouTube Verified Without a Million Subs?

It’s uncommon, but YouTube may verify a channel with fewer than 100,000 subscribers if it’s “well-known outside of YouTube.” For example, if a musician is popular on other platforms, YouTube may verify a musician’s channel that hasn’t built a large following on the platform.

7 Tips to become Eligible for YouTube Verification

If you aren’t yet eligible for YouTube channel verification, here are some pointers:

  1. Choose a great channel name: Make the most of one of the first things people see when they visit your channel.
  2. Use an eye-catching profile and cover photo: These should be high-quality and on-brand.
  3. Create high-quality video thumbnails: Thumbnails are like mini-ads for your videos. Make sure they’re visually appealing and tell viewers what to expect from your content.
  4. Create interesting and shareable content: The most important thing you can do to grow your channel is to create interesting and shareable content. People will want to watch your videos if they are good, regardless of how many subscribers you have. You can get YouTube Likes also.
  5. 5. Participate in the YouTube community: Participate in YouTube groups and forums, leave comments on other people’s videos, and collaborate with other creators.
  6. Pay attention to YouTube SEO: This can help you ensure that your videos appear higher in search results.
  7. Be patient: It takes time to build a successful YouTube channel. If you stick with it and create high-quality content, you will eventually reach your goal of being verified.

Start Improving your YouTube Presence

Whether you’re already verified or looking to become verified on YouTube, you should always strive to improve your YouTube presence. If you’re looking for more ways to expand your YouTube presence, read our guide on how to promote your YouTube channel to improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

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