Even the best social media content creation strategies can fail to produce consistent engagement. After a period of growth, your channel may start to drop off and grow become slower than before, or it may even stop growing altogether for a time.If you’ve done everything possible but your YouTube growth has plateaued – whether it’s your view count, subscribers, or a lack of engagement – there are some ways you can do to boost your YouTube channel and begin making real progress again.

How can you increase your engagement on your YouTube channel?

The first step in determining how to improve your engagement levels and break the plateau is to review your analytics and insights. Most major social media platforms include an integrated insights feature, and YouTube is no exception, with a detailed YouTube studio analytics dashboard – so take advantage of it! When attempting to determine the cause of your engagement stagnation, there are a few key analytics to consider:

  • First, take note of your most active users’ demographics – are you currently targeting this key group, or are you aiming for a different type of audience?
  • After that, go over your subscriber analytics. Are you getting more subscribers? If you don’t have them when was the last time you got them? What was the topic of your blog at the time?

It’s essential to look into the engagement type of your most popular videos. Do you get a lot of views but very few comments? Encourage your viewers to leave a comment in your video, or offer an incentive for those who do, such as a giveaway or contest for those who comment with a specific emoji or phrase.

You can proceed to the next steps once you’ve determined what type of engagement you’re lacking – and what you want – as well as when you stopped gaining this engagement.

Ask for feedback

Why not simply ask your audience if you’re unsure of where you’re lacking? Ask for feedback in the YouTube Community through a post, a poll, an Instagram Story with a question sticker, or a post on one of your other social media profiles. Make sure to interact with your subscribers after receiving feedback by thanking them or liking their comments so they know their opinions were taken into consideration.

Look at the Competition

Take after those who have already achieved what you want to. Make a list of your favorite YouTube channels, preferably those in your industry, and observe how they interact with their viewers, how their YouTube descriptions are written, whether or not they hold competitions, whether or not they Livestream or post Premiere videos, and how they present themselves on other social media. You will learn more the more details you look into!
Then, make a few minor adjustments to your own content. Begin with a few so you can discard anything that doesn’t work while keeping what is important – this will save you time and energy in the long run.

Review Algorithm Changes

If you’ve done everything listed above and you’re still not seeing results, it’s possible that the drop in engagement is due to YouTube algorithm changes beyond your control. Unfortunately, this happens frequently, and YouTube’s algorithm is frequently updated without notice. Because you have no control over it, the best thing to do is change what you can and keep moving forward.

Invest In SMM Tools

Investing in SMM tools such as YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube likes, and more can assist in breaking through the engagement plateau without having to worry about YouTube’s constant algorithm changes.

When you buy YouTube views or other engagement metrics, you allow your content to be seen by an organic audience, which can lead to organic engagement. The most successful YouTubers understand the importance of SMM tools, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to achieve your social media objectives!

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