How to make up to 3000 dollars a month!

This article will take you through how you can earn money with SMGains. You will need good communication skills as you will be talking with businesses  near you or people you know.

  SMGains is a digital marketing company that sell social media products for example Instagram Followers, Automatic Likes, Facebook Page Likes and products for all other social networks. Our prices are the cheapest on the internet, we usually sell at wholesale prices.

The two ways you can earn with us.

1. Reselling Our Services

Our best seller is automatic Instagram likes & views and these are bought by most businesses who have an Instagram profile and want to grow their brand. These include local businesses like beauty parlours, boutique shops etc…

Usually all our sales are from self-employed entrepreneurs who actually resell our service to businesses, for example we sell 500 monthly auto likes and views for the whole month for $40.

Resellers usually sell it for around $60-$100 depending on how much profit they want to make, now if you can get 50 businesses enrolled on a monthly basis that will mean a profit of $1000-$3000 a month. You can either go and visit them in store or even give a call to ask if they’re interested.

We will also reduce our prices for you, when you buy regularly from us! This will mean more profit!

This is an idea of how you can earn money with us, everyone wants to grow their business so this would be a win win situation for both you and the business you will talk to.

You might be wondering how does automatic instagram likes help the business. Well if the business is a regular poster on Instagram using hashtags. Then this would be a great way for them to get top post on most of the hashtags they use. The higher the amount of likes the more chance it will get to the top post. This way the businesses will get their brand exposure to lots of people. It will also boost the chances of them getting to the explore page.

Now you can’t just go to someone and sell 600 automatic likes if their business only has around 1000 followers on instagram, It wouldn’t look genuine. So you can also sell them followers (You can set your own price and resell) to balance everything out.

2. Becoming an Affiliate

If you don’t like talking and like to be behind the screen, then you can register as an affiliate on our website and sell our products, we give 10% for each sale you make.

If you have any questions regarding this then contact us.

Kind Regards,

SMGains Team