Getting noticed as a new performer in an already crowded music business is difficult. You’ve probably considered purchasing SoundCloud plays to expand your reach. It may appear to be a creative notion, as more SoundCloud plays result in more attention and reach; however, is it a wise decision?

This blog will examine the pros and cons of buying SoundCloud plays and followers in order to help you make an informed decision. Finally, you must assess whether the gain outweighs the danger and what this means for your account.

Pros of Buying SoundCloud Plays

It’s an Excellent Way to Kickstart Your Music Career. SoundCloud, like Twitter and Facebook, makes getting your first view, like, or comment difficult. Getting the first person to listen to your newly posted song is a difficult endeavor, made more difficult when you are new to the platform.

If you’re wondering why it’s because people consistently leave songs with no plays at no plays. Why would people care if your music doesn’t inspire trust?

Buying SoundCloud followers & plays will help your song get a jump start. When someone looks for it and discovers that it has been heard by thousands of people, they are inclined to listen to it as well.

Assists You in Obtaining Social Proof

You only become popular if you appear to be popular. On SoundCloud, your popularity is measured by the number of listens your tracks receive. Purchasing SoundCloud plays attracts attention and puts you in a position to go viral.

However, purchasing plays does not ensure popularity; the quality of your music does. The more people who share them on their social media platforms, the more likely they are to go viral.

Aids in the Development of a Community

Purchasing SoundCloud plays means that more people will become acquainted with you in the long term. People will look for you on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. If you can capitalise on the possibility of developing a formidable social media presence, you will earn more followers over time, and your community will grow.

Get Brands’ Attention

Once your song has received 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, your profile begins to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, because SoundCloud is a popular site for finding talent, event managers and clubs would most likely approach you to arrange deals. They are frequently on the search for new and exciting talent, so if they come across your name in the SoundCloud music blog, you have a better chance.

Buying SoundCloud plays not only gets you performance opportunities, but it also puts you in front of record labels. If they think your music is good enough, they may offer to sign you to one of their labels.

Create a Brand Image

Perhaps you are a well-known musician who has recently joined SoundCloud. Consider purchasing playtime for your newly uploaded music to make an official announcement on the platform. In addition to increasing your credibility, paid plays will have your song trending faster than it would otherwise take.

Cons of Purchasing SoundCloud Plays 

Plays Aren’t Typically Targeted

When You Buy SoundCloud plays it means commissioning a programmer to construct bots that mimic human behavior by listening to, liking, and commenting on your music. It also means you can’t tell who is listening to your song or where they are listening from.

This hurts your music career because those bots aren’t interested in you as a musician. No one will be interested in your music unless they come across your name somewhere and seek for it. You’re misinformed if you believe you’re promoting your music by buying SoundCloud plays. It should only be used to increase your play count.

It is not a widely accepted practice.

Purchasing SoundCloud plays is a contentious activity. While the SoundCloud community promotes for hard work as the path to success, Buying SoundCloud followers and plays is considered as a shortcut. People will judge you if they discover you utilized bots to change the stats. As a result, your reputation will suffer and your artistic growth will suffer.

When purchasing SoundCloud likes and plays, ensure that you purchase them from a trustworthy source such as smgains that ensures secrecy. It’s also critical that you don’t tell anyone else that your play count was organized by bots.

You Could Be Scammed

As the SoundCloud plays industry grows in popularity, so does the number of scammers. Many people sell plays that are either ineffective or easily detectable. Before purchasing them, you must undertake a thorough investigation to eliminate fraudulent companies.

The Bottom Line

Depending on your aims and requirements, purchasing SoundCloud plays will help you reach more listeners in the end. To get the most out of your efforts, market your music on other platforms by posting a link to it. It would be excellent if you also considered employing a freelancer to help direct visitors to your SoundCloud. Remember that the effectiveness of purchasing SoundCloud plays is dependent on the legitimacy of the website providing the service. Make sure you do your research and select a reliable company like SMGains.

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