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Buy 500 SoundCloud plays


SMGains lets you buy quality plays to build a strong rapport with your audience for your content. The prima facie on any SoundCloud content would be the number of plays. We understand this and get the job done in a professional and sleek manner. We deliver the results on time, within 4-6 hours. The service would be delivered entirely within 48 hours. You can rely on us at any point in time. To reach the mass audience as an artist, vanity metrics like plays are of utter importance. Your first 500 SoundCloud plays would catapult the content’s popularity and success to the next level. 


By doing a regular plays buy routine, you can promote your content and manifest in the larger picture of real-time engagement, which could get converted into other business opportunities. When the content reaches the peak of its popularity, people would feel confident to share among their network. In a nutshell, the engagement level with 500 SoundCloud plays would boost the performance of your content dimensionally. SMGains can let this miracle happen for you transparently.


Some of the other reasons why we are the most prominent service providers in the industry include:


Privacy guarded processes


We assure that your personal data would be private and secured. All your account information would be confidential. For us, trust and transparency are the zenith values we rely upon.


24/7 Support


Feel free to ping us whenever you need any discrete support from our side. We would always be there to enquire your concerns and take actions immediately.


Guarantee of the service


We provide a 2-weeks guarantee for all our services. You are free to come back to us whenever you have any kind of concern.


Risk-free Services


We take the best measures to make sure that your account is always safe and secured. No third-party intervention. No hidden processes.


How to buy 500 Soundcloud plays


While you are buying 500 Soundcloud plays at SMGains, we do not want you to dilly-dally with all the purchase and payment processes. At every step, we want to simplify the process for your convenience. Buying the Soundcloud plays at SMGains is a cakewalk. You need to follow this 4 step process:


  • Click the purchase button and give checkout
  • Provide all the necessary details like your bank details and how many plays you have purchased
  • Click the “Add to cart”
  • Complete the payment process


There you go! You would have purchased the 500 Soundcloud plays, which is the first and foremost level to build your overall engagement among your fans!


Can you split the 500 Soundcloud plays?


Yes, you can split the 500 unique Soundcloud plays. You need to ensure that you put your link and the amount you require per link. The minimum amount for each link is 100 when you split the 500 unique Soundcloud plays.


Other plays


For passionate musicians and independent artists, knocking the doors of their audience is the hard nut to crack. We do not allow the musician to get distracted in their pursuit of promoting their music. To let you focus on the quality of the music rather than account promotion, we offer you the most simplified way- To buy 500 unique Soundcloud plays. This would let you start your journey with a boom!


Instead, you can choose the number of plays that you require. It can be 100 plays or 1000 plays. It all depends on your preference and requirement. We serve you as per that by ensuring that the quality of the service we provide is always top-notch.


Take a look at what other plays you can purchase from us:



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