Likes on Instagram continue to be a go-to indicator for many brands despite being one of the first social metrics to indicate post-performance. The viewer incurs little expense because all it takes is a double tap. Additionally, Instagram Likes are included in overall engagement statistics. We’ve put together a variety of suggestions below to help you boost your Instagram Like counts per post.

Ways to get more Likes on Instagram:

Make your captions as interesting as your pictures

The secret to attracting a captive audience is excellent media, as we all already know. Your captions can be just as captivating as your pictures if you use the right voice and tone. Setting expectations with your audience involves prioritizing the development of high-quality captions.

Work on a hashtag strategy

Utilizing hashtags to your brand’s advantage is one of the simplest ways to gain attention organically. It involves being picky with your hashtags for both your brand and your sector. Finding relevant content and influencers is simpler when you have a brand hashtag. You can use industry hashtags to keep up with trends in your industry and avoid missing out. Start by reading up on hashtag strategies to find the best hashtags for you.

Tag the right accounts

Where credit is due, give it. When appropriate, tag the people you work with on the post and in the caption. Consider tagging well-known items or people in your photos, for instance. It is quick and gives credit to the creators. These tags frequently result in the brands liking and commenting on your post.

Tag your post’s location

Tagging a location makes sure that your photo appears when people are looking at a location, which is especially important for travel and retail brands. It shouldn’t require more time from your publishing time and is simple enough to complete.

Go with the trend or memes

Memes and trends in posts can still produce interesting results when used intelligently. There are entire Instagram meme accounts dedicated to specific themes and subjects. You must first confirm that the audience you are targeting is the right one before incorporating this into your own account. This shows that they are accustomed to popular culture and use the internet frequently enough to know when they see a meme. A meme might be more offensive than beneficial for some brands where this kind of humor isn’t appropriate, so think carefully about your target market before adopting a trend or viral idea.

Mix the Instagram content types

With the addition of Stories in Instagram, its content types expanded. Engagement on feed posts decreased around the same time, which may be related. Engagement, however, is simply more dispersed across the various content types. The metric has been updated to include post likes, video views, and even Story replies.

This means that you should use the various types to your advantage and cross-promote them whenever you can.

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