Have you ever spent so much effort and energy writing a super-cool Instagram post and you got no likes, no comments, no nothing? It is really hard to see that your awesome content is not getting the kind of attention it deserves, especially when you are aware that it has the potential to touch the lives of many.

The Algorithm-driven world of Instagram is the place where views are one of the most important indicators of success. The larger the number of views of your content, the more possible it is to be discovered by other followers, to appear on the Explore page, and, in the end, achieve Instagram glory.

Yet, what if you are just starting, or your content hasn’t been able to push through the noise? In this case, the idea of buying Instagram views is of relevance. Now, before you dismiss this strategy as a wrong approach, let’s dive into the strategy and figure out the benefits and challenges it may pose.

Here’s how views can fuel your Instagram views success:

Increased Visibility: A significant number of Instagram views is proof of engagement, which is the fundamental factor of Instagram’s algorithm. As your posts amass more views, the platform becomes more likely to promote them to a broader audience, and even there is a chance you may land on the Explore page which is the dream of every user.

Social Proof: People can’t help but feel attracted to posts that look like they have many likes or comments. The amount of views that are considered healthy acts as a form of social proof because it is a subconscious assurance that your content is valuable and worthy of their time. This can be the encouragement they need to click on your page, leave a comment, or even follow your account.

Momentum and Growth: When people start following you, you tend to draw more people, which is a snowball effect. A greater number of views will cause further engagement and as engagement increases, more views will be generated. This grassroots approach can eventually be very helpful for you to achieve your goals ahead of time as you grow an Instagram following.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: Is purchasing Instagram views just another way to cut corners and get instant gratification or is it the road to success?

Is Purchasing Instagram Views Worth It: The Pros and Cons.

The two sides of the coin are present in this case as well when it comes to the purchasing of Instagram views. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and potential drawbacks to consider:


Rapid Boost: The most direct advantage is the large number of views that we get. This can be your first move to push your content through the noise and gain momentum.

Improved Visibility: Higher view count gives a good chance of appearing in the relevant searches and on the Explore page which will consequently increase the chances of organic discovery.

Social Proof Effect: In fact, a nice number of views work as a social proof and thus, real participation grows from a large public.


Low-Quality Engagement: Such acquisition of views is likely from accounts that are not active or are bots, which will not lead to true engagement. Likes, comments, and shares are even more critical than just pumping up the views.

Algorithm Impact: Instagram’s algorithms keep on being updated, and if you do anything that might seem like suspicious activity, your account can be flagged. Leverage organic growth strategies and purchased views in equal measure for sustainable and effective advertising efforts.

Short-Term Gain: A lot of views you have purchased may add you in the short-term, yet, not guarantee long-term success. Emphasize engaging and relatable blog content that will be appreciated by your audience.

However, it should be emphasized that the views purchased should not be considered a replacement for producing high-quality content. Visually appealing, captivating captions and hashtag management are still fundamental in the process of getting real followers and is a key factors for long-term success. If you have to try Instagram views buying, you need to use a reliable company that will offer real and engaged views. Seek companies with a proven history of performance, positive ratings, and fair pricing. SMGains is a good example of a credible company that you can consider to get the desired result.

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