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Every musician shares the same desire of being well-known in the music business, but it’s getting harder as more and more new musicians enter the field every day. Because of this, you need a specific push and a location to pick up speed. With the support of the artist’s account opportunity, Spotify delivers this momentum. However, merely having a profile is never helpful. You should put time and effort into getting more people to listen to the songs you’ve shared. One of these strategies to gradually boost your popularity is to buy Spotify plays.

Every industry is competitive, and the existing competition prohibits newcomers from developing and establishing a name for themselves in the market. The music industry, however, is the most cutthroat and oversaturated of all. Growing in the music business takes time, and you can only do that if you make the trending lists, which again takes time, effort, and a sizable audience. You can find it challenging to grow as someone who is relatively new to the music industry, but we do offer other strategies for you.

Many musicians use third-party services from a reputed service provider, from which you can easily buy Spotify plays, followers, likes, and streams for your accounts on the music streaming apps, to obtain the boost they need.

Why Spotify Out of All Music Streaming Apps?

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has accumulated a large number user base on the platform. It has evolved into one of the top music streaming apps because of ongoing improvements in its streaming quality, usability, and ability to share music through the app. The way we find and consume music today has undergone a change as a result.

Why is Spotify still regarded as the finest with all the various variants offered by the other apps? Let’s find out!

  • Spotify has a sizable algorithm and provides a wide range of content. Furthermore, Spotify has made significant investments in the podcast sector at a time when many consumers prefer listening to podcasts than reading books.
  • The platform’s strong AI examines your listening patterns and generates personalised playlists for you. Additionally, the app makes new music recommendations depending on your preferences, which encourages you to use it more frequently. Users of Spotify also get mood stations based on their favourite artists or genres.
  • Spotify evaluates songs based on plays, genres, and your own preferences. As a result, each Monday it releases a Discover Weekly playlist where you may listen to music that you may not be familiar with but could enjoy. You can collaborate with others on your playlists using Spotify. You can make a playlist and invite your friends to collaborate with you so they can add songs to it. Additionally, Spotify playlists may be shared on other social media platforms, making it one of the best platforms for sharing music.

Why Buy Spotify Plays

SMGains is not only here to give you the opportunity to buy Spotify plays to boost your profile but we are also here to show you effective ways to get Spotify plays for free. SMGains allows our clients to see high numbers within a small amount of time. We do know how important it is and how difficult it is to be seen and heard with the amount of tracks that are uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis which is why we offer Spotify plays at the lowest prices around but of the best quality. As an artist, your goal would be to be seen and heard across the board and as Spotify is coming up as popular as the famous YouTube you should be looking to get more plays and downloads for your track. You can do this when you get Spotify plays for your track TODAY !!!

Gain Real Spotify Plays with SMGains

When you gain Spotify plays you will gain the respect from the people from the outside looking for new tracks to download. You will also have a chance to be noticed by a record label so taking the opportunity to buy cheap Spotify plays from our company or marketing your track across all social networks is vital if you are going to hit your target. SMGAINS is the main source for supplying Spotify services which is why we hold the credibility we do. We supply thousands of re-sellers and clients with top-quality service and are known for building artists’ profiles. We also supply other social media service sites which you can see in the top right-hand corner.

You can also buy a Spotify bundle from us which includes plays, followers, likes, reposts, and comments. You can find this in our Spotify Gains section under Spotify Bundles.


It could be challenging to become well-known in the music industry, but paying for these third-party apps’ services to give you a boost might help you go the additional mile and accomplish what you desire. You can use various marketing strategies to achieve results. However, using third-party programs from SMGains that let you buy Spotify likes, plays, and many more which will help you boost your internet presence.



Please note delivery time for Spotify plays varies, it is usually at the speed of 500-1k a day and usually starts within 24 hours, you could always contact us on Whatsapp to ask for an update on your order.

Delivery Times :

    • Under 25K – Delivered within 1 week. Usually start seeing some results within 2-5 days. [ Plays come from USA and Europe ]
    • 50K Spotify Plays – Delivered within 2 weeks. Usually start seeing some results within 2-5 days. [ Plays come from USA and Europe ]
    • 100K Spotify Plays – Delivered within 3 weeks. Usually start seeing some results within 2-5 days. [ Plays come from USA and Europe ]
    • 500K Spotify Plays – Delivered within 2 – 5 weeks. Usually start seeing some results within 2-5 days. [ Plays come from USA and Europe ]
    • 1M Spotify Plays – Delivered within 8 – 24 Weeks. Usually start seeing some results within 2-5 days. [ Plays come from USA and Europe ]

If your card doesn’t work for over $200 you will need to pay using our alternative payment method.


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