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Are you frustrated that you’re not getting enough attention on TikTok? Disappointed that your incredible TikTok content doesn’t get the love they deserve.

SMGains lets you give your profile a much-needed boost, that’ll get you noticed in no time.

With SMGains you’ll get TikTok views at the click of a button. Simply buy cheap TikTok views from our range of options, or check out our bundles, which include TikTok views, TikTok followers, TikTok likes, TikTok shares, and even random comments. When you’re starting out, or struggling to get attraction, you need to get seen and heard. That’s where SMGains comes in.

We also offer a flexible service, with the ability to split views for different tracks. Plus, our fantastic and quick support service is always ready to help.

Don’t labor away, making fantastic content that never gets heard. Buy TikTok views for your track today!

Importance of TikTok Views.

In the modern world, content is king! It’s never been easier to produce content and get it out to the public. TikTok gives you access to over 869 million monthly users worldwide.

But with so much competition, it’s hard for new talent to make their mark. To follow in the footsteps of TikTok Greats like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, or Khabane Lame, you need to do something big!

You need a boost. You need SMGains.

SMGains lets you get TikTok views, starting at only $2 for 1000 views. Or get one of our cheap bundles, to give your track the full SMGains experience, from views to followers. We’ll even create comments!

You don’t have the resources of a major company, so to expand your reach you need to gain TikTok views. The more views you get, the more hype you’ll generate. Soon enough, fans will be flocking to your page and falling in love with your content.

Don’t struggle to get attention. Buy TikTok Views. Invest in yourself.

How Are TikTok Views Counted

Each view is counted as the button is clicked, except when an artist views their own content – this is not counted. The user’s views are recorded on the profile page of the TikTok user. Once a view is recorded, it cannot be deleted.

According to TikTok, views while a user is logged on, are counted in real-time. However, if the user is listening while they are not logged in, their views will be updated within a 24-h period.

Benefits of Buying TikTok Views

In the old days, all you needed was one hit song, and you could catch the attention of industry insiders. These days things are a lot more complicated. It seems to be more about who you know than how much talent you have. That’s why we help you buy TikTok Views. But what are the benefits?


Doesn’t slave away trying to get attention, only to end up with a few hundred views. Super-charge your track, and put your career into fifth gear. By starting with thousands of views, it’ll make promoting your work so much easier.


You don’t know industry insiders. Or have thousands to spend on marketing. Instead, buy TikTok views cheap, and you’ll expand your reach for a fraction of the price.


It’s sad to say, but people don’t give much notice to a track with a few hundred views. But when you’ve got thousands, you’re advertising to the world that you’ve got a track worth listening to. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, once you start growing, there’s no stopping you.


More views mean more attention; that leads to more people talking about your content. And not just listeners, but the media, agents and even record companies. Remember: no one ever got a record deal from a few hundred listens.


We’ve all seen tracks go viral. The wild success that comes with hundreds of millions of listens. But, once upon a time, even the biggest hit had no listeners. Buy TikTok views, and we’ll increase views in a short period, giving you the boost to be the next viral sensation.

Is It Safe to Buy Fake TikTok Views?

Don’t worry, buying TikTok views is entirely safe and legal. When you purchase views on TikTok, they’re almost exactly like real views. No one will be able to tell where the views come from, and the money you spend will be completely anonymous.

In fact, having more TikTok views will make you seem more trustworthy to the average listener.

However, if you have a million views and no comments or followers, things can get suspicious. Make sure you check out one the SMGains TikTok bundles, where you can get views, followers, likes, reposts and random comments in one package.

How to Buy TikTok Views from SMGains?

It’s easy to purchase TikTok views with SMGains. Simply, navigate your way with the toolbar to our TikTok Gains page. From there, click one of the options available, e.g. views, followers, likes or reports (or check out one of our bundles).

On the next page, select how many views you would like, and then scroll down, and click purchase – this will add the item to your basket.

Then, when you’re ready, go to checkout. Fill out the form with your details and payment information, as well as the links to the tracks you want boosting – please specify if you would like to split the views. Finally, hit purchase, and you’re all set!

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