About the Product


It may not surprise you that an account with no likes is what we call an ” unhealthy account ” Likes are just as important as people listening to your account. Think of it like this, you could have a shop selling products with a large number of people visiting it every day but no one buys the products, sooner or later the shop will not be a noticed brand. The same rule applies with your SoundCloud account which is why we offer our clients the chance to buy SoundCloud likes. We are not greedy on price as you will see we offer cheap SoundCloud likes but at the same time maintaining maximum quality. We have a wide range of SoundCloud services as well as our other sites which you will see at the top of our home page in which provide all social media services to give you a head start over your competitors.

We promise to deliver this service within 48 hours. Average delivery time is 4-6 hours.

Make sure you put your Soundcloud play link in either the username section or split section if you are splitting your likes! When splitting please make sure you put the link and the amount you want per link. Minimum likes per track is 20, so for example if you order the 250 likes it can split across 13 tracks!