About the Product


SoundCloud now offers its users the choice to re-post tracks that they would like to share with friends and followers. A re-post is a new and effective way to spread your tracks through the SoundCloud atmosphere. At Buildmyplays.org, you can now buy SoundCloud re-posts at a very low cost to make a healthy and full SoundCloud account. When you buy SoundCloud re-posts you can look at it as an investment in your tracks and spreading them through SoundCloud to promote your tracks and gain more listeners.

We promise to deliver this service within 48 hours. Average delivery time is 4-6 hours.

Make sure you put your Soundcloud play link in either the username section or split section if you are splitting your reposts! When splitting please make sure you put the link and the amount you want per link. Minimum amount per link is 20 when splitting.