About the Product

Marvel Logo Intro

SMGains, is currently offering a look-alike marvel logo intro. The cinematic universe that has brought all of us together and keeps on continuing to do so, how great will it be to have the intro of the marvel logo but with your name or logo on it.

Impress your youtube channel or social media subscribers and followers with this amazing intro at a low cost.

Why Buy Logo Intro from SMGains

Did you know that the first few seconds of your video is important, usually it is the first five to ten seconds, we call it the first few seconds hook, what this implies is that if your video doesn’t fail to catch the attention of the viewer, the user will most likely scroll away from your video.

Imagine having an epic and amazing logo intro that can catch them right away, this is why logo intros are just as important as any other video elements that you will need.

How can I buy the marvel logo intro?

To buy the marvel logo intro, you will need to just click on purchase, and on the checkout, you will be given the chance to enter the name you want to appear on the video or if you have a logo please enter a link to the logo so that we can download it.

You will also need to enter a slogan since the template has it, however, if you do not require a slogan, you can leave the slogan input box blank.

You can have the link for the logo on dropbox or google drive or any other image hosting site of your choice and just put the link, alternatively, you can directly send it to us via email.

This marvel logo will get delivered to you within 1-2 working days, you can contact us on WhatsApp if you will like it quicker.