About the Product

Are you hooked on Twitter Polls? This growing trend is a great way to generate business and connect with the social media world! Let us provide the polls so you can relax!

Twitter has fast become one of the hottest social media sites and everyone who has a Twitter account is excited about the new Twitter feature that was released in October 2015: Twitter Polls.

Although polls have unofficially been a part of the Twitter culture for some time now, they are an official tool for all Twitter users. Twitter Polls can be used for personal accounts just for fun or for businesses to get feedback and gain insight from their customers. No matter what your purpose, Twitter Polls are an easy, fun and convenient way to connect with millions of other Twitter subscribers.

Where do we come in? It’s pretty simple. Twitter polls are showing up like wildfire and since they only last for 24 hours, you may not always have time to properly manage and upkeep your account, let alone come up with new ideas for topics for your Twitter polls. We have many great packages from which to choose which will provide you with unique ideas for polling topics. This way you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with new and exciting poll topics, we will do that for you!

When ordering please make sure you put your twitter vote poll link on the username section on checkout! The twitter poll link should be like (“www….com?vote=ButtonNumber”) – SPLIT WORKS 100 PER BUTTON NUMBER, so if you want to split you have to purchase more.