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Why SMGains is the best place to buy youtube custom comments?

When you buy relevant YouTube Comments, you should know that coming from real, authorized people can increase video trust. Videos without any comments but many views and likes might look extra suspicious to the viewers. If you receive comments with likes and replies, then it can guarantee that the comments and videos are 100% authorized. Every person would prefer their video to look normal and clean of any malpractices. We might have noticed YouTube videos with 100,000 views, 1000 likes but 0 comments. This is not a great sign since it brings down confidence in the video. You can increase your viewer’s confidence by buying authorized comments from various users. All this has to happen with a realistic time schedule while you buy custom YouTube comments.

YouTube considers a number of factors before it goes about ranking your video. Ranking is one of the most common factors when you want to reach a wider audience. Without comments, it becomes an ordeal to rank your video. Comment customization would allow you to manage many people’s opinions at a central point. This is the foremost need for any YouTube creator.

At SMGains, we take all the factors to rank your videos in the top list through real YouTube custom comments.

Where do you receive the long YouTube comments from?

You do receive the comments from people across the globe so that the IP address doesn’t get duplicated. You receive them from US, UK, Germany, Spain, India, Mexico and so on.

What videos get more comments?

We provide video comments for every video such as guides, tutorials, educational videos, product reviews and services. You can pick the accounts you prefer when you want your video to get the best results. This way, you can also make it look realistic.

How many comments would I need?

It depends on the comments you need. You can order directly as many comments as you need. You might order something like 1 comment per 1000 views. Along with YouTube comments, we also offer services for YouTube likes, YouTube views and YouTube dislikes. While looking forward to ranking the video, you would definitely need more likes, comments and social signals.

How to add a comment reply?

All you need to do is pick a comment in the field and click the reply button. With the <rep> button, you can customize any reply. You can go on adding it manually at any comment’s beginning when you want to post it in the form of reply when you buy YouTube comments cheap.

Should I reply and like any of my comments?

Replies and likes on any comments would make it seem more realistic. If you add comments or upvotes to any video, then YouTube would consider it as a part of the ranking factor. It would take some time and additional resources to write proper replies. Once you are done with this, you can handle the final decision before you buy real YouTube comments.

Benefits of buying Youtube comments

YouTube comments let people trust your brand and video authenticity. It offers a chance for people to start a debate on the video concept. It lets people ponder over an issue. Who knows? A single comment can lead to a nationwide debate. With all these factors put together, there are also other advantages of adding YouTube comments that you have to take seriously. Let’s understand what they are:

Ranking Factor on YouTube and Google Search:

Ranking on Google is the most important factor which content creators can never deny. When someone is going to search what they want with relevant keywords, your video should be readily available in the search results. With more YouTube comments, YouTube would deem your video as a perfect match to the user’s search. 

Make Video Viral:

Making your video viral is a breeze if you have perfect engagement level. With YouTube customized comments, you can make your video go viral on the go.

Influence your brand:

Brand engagement would play a major role in building customer trust. When you pave way for customized comments, video viewers would remember your brand readily. This would help you build your brand.

Increase Engagement:

Video engagement plays a big role in determining the overall popularity of the video. With video engagement, you have a chance to get on the top of the ladder.

Attract more organic comments:

Fake it till you make it- Do you remember this adage? That’s what we aim at, at SMGains. We would look forward to attracting more organic comments from real users by posting more automated customized comments.

Balance with the bad comment:

Speaking about sentimental analysis, whenever someone posts negative comments, you can balance it when you post regular positive comments. How do you do this? Buy YouTube engagement comments from us directly. You can build your brand engagement the right way when you buy cheap YouTube comments.

Youtube Custom Comments Faq’s

Who will comment in my video?

The comments are from authentic users with real profiles.

Can I give my own comments?

Yes, you can give your own comments, you can provide this at checkout.

Will Youtube block my channel for buying comments?

No, YouTube wouldn’t block your channel. In fact, it would promote your video to your peers.

Can I split the comments across videos?

You can only split if your comments are higher than 10 comments as the minimum comments per video is 10.