It is difficult to gain exposure, especially for new tracks and audio projects. Using social media platforms for your SoundCloud profile provides you an advantage over your competitors in this area. While gaining engagement on Soundcloud is difficult, it is not impossible because of solutions such as paying plays.

There are many social media marketing techniques and ideas that can be applied to both Soundcloud and other social media platforms. In this Blog, We will be discussing five of most the useful ones. In under a year, these ideas have allowed me to increase traffic Soundcloud plays from virtually nothing to an evitable amount:

1. Know your Product

Knowing what you are marketing is the first step in any marketing approach. Lofi Hip-Hop, for example, is frequently connected with being chilled out and sampling jazz tunes. Understanding the genre assists some people to determine where their music (or product if you’re a business) fits in the digital environment. There are additional hip-hop styles that integrate jazz elements.

2. Know Who is your Target Audience 

Once you’ve determined who is likely to enjoy your music (or product), you’ll need to locate them. The surge in popularity of the genre is very internet-based (there aren’t many live concerts for this genre), implying that the majority of my audience can be located on the internet. The lofi hip-hop Reddit has been the most useful in terms of traffic generation for me. This is a terrific place not just to promote music, but also to engage with people one-on-one.

3. Get more Engagement

It is important to engage with your audience once you have identified where they are. Facebook is adjusting its algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends over postings from businesses on our timelines. Why did they do this? One explanation could be that they want Facebook to be more personal, and what is more personal than posts from friends and family? This is significant: it is easy to forget that the purpose of social media is to connect people. Connecting with individuals on an individual level allows you to make your product relevant to them, increasing the likelihood that they will become your supporters. This is related to knowing your niche and understanding your audience.

The most effective strategies to engage your audience will differ depending on the nature of the product and the platform you’re using.

4. You will get to Know your Platform

Engagement is one thing, but knowing the worth of your engagement is crucial. For example, on Soundcloud, comments are far more successful than likes in terms of driving traffic, but they take more time. So, if you want to be noticed on a huge number of tracks, ‘likes’ are useful. Reposts are useful for maintaining yourself in the timelines of your fans; if done frequently, they will be more inclined to check back to see if you have new music, making your releases more successful when they drop. Understanding these concepts enables me to design an effective plan based on my objectives. You can expect consistent and predictable returns if you perform it consistently. However, because each platform is unique, it is critical to understand yours in order to develop efficient marketing tactics.

5. Look for Patterns & Analytics

You will get to know what works best for you. This is perhaps the most significant skill for social media marketing. If you can identify useful patterns on one platform, apply the same level of analysis to another. If you can accomplish this properly, you will be able to develop an effective marketing strategy regardless of the platform you employ. This will also safeguard you from the ever-changing world of digital marketing and position you as a force to be reckoned with.


All of the methods listed above will undoubtedly help you gain interaction and improve the number of SoundCloud plays. Getting exposure for your audio recordings is not a difficult endeavor. A steady stream of Soundcloud plays can help you kickstart your Soundcloud uploads. It is not possible to generate momentum on Soundcloud right away. Why don’t you buy Soundcloud plays from us? By providing superior services in this area, SMGains assists you in advertising your tracks and staying ahead of your competitors. We have vast Soundcloud experience and have assisted thousands of musicians and business owners in becoming viral.

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