In October 2018, SoundCloud announced the launch of its direct monetization program for small musicians with fewer monthly streams. This enabled artists, podcasters, and influencers to earn money through SoundCloud, rather than only labeled artists. However, the precise amount you can make as an artist has not been made public. So, we did our own study and came up with a number.

Here is What you should Know When you are Thinking about Making Money on SoundCloud

The SoundCloud Premier program was founded in 2014 but has only been available as an invite-only beta until now. If you match the qualifications, signing up for SoundCloud will grant you access to the Premiere Program. If you are accepted into the elite program, you should be able to monetize your streams in the future.

Of course, there are several prerequisites for producing money. To be eligible for SoundCloud Premier, an artist must be an independent creator with a Pro or Pro Unlimited account, be at least 18 years old, and have received in the first month, at least 5,000 plays from SoundCloud-monetized nations were received. Any music monetized using SoundCloud Premier is non-exclusive, and all rights remain with the creator.

How Much Money can We Make on SoundCloud?

Signing up for a Premier membership cost between $8 and $16 per month for hosting. Fortunately, uploaded tunes can be monetized within minutes.

According to a Verge article, musicians can receive a 55% net revenue share for the tracks they upload. So, if your song earns $1000 on SoundCloud, SoundCloud will take 45% and you would receive the remaining $550. This is a little more generous than Spotify’s 50% net revenue.

Keep in mind, however, that these are only monetized when played from the nine nations listed below: (These are limited to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.) Furthermore, the actual figures are confusing rather than generous.

It is important to remember that the Premier payment system is based on money earned by advertising and subscriptions. The amount you earn is directly proportional to the amount of money SoundCloud makes. SoundCloud did not answer Techcrunch’s inquiries about how much artists will get per 1000 ad-supported or premium membership listener streams.

However, numerous users have reported different figures. In actuality, SoundCloud must compensate its artists more generously in order to compete with other platforms such as Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Apple. According to Reddit and Indie musician sources, the total payment corresponds to around $3 per 1000 monetized streams.

This figure, however, varies by region. Given that they both upload often and have the same number of streamers, a musician in the United States would earn more than an Indian musician. Furthermore, the figure varies by niche. A musician with 10,000 monthly streamers earns less than a financial podcaster with 5,000 monthly streams.

In general, the earning range will be similar to that of Spotify. In the United States, an expected payout ranges from $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream. So for every 1000 plays, you’d get between $2.50 and $4.00.

How Can SoundCloud Help You Promote Your Music and Brand?

We offer a recommendation if you want to give your music a wider boost and visibility outside of Spotify and SoundCloud. Building your own domain is one approach to showing the world your music or musical brand. You may reach thousands of individuals with your own web presence. However, if you are new, SoundCloud’s playout may be insufficient. You may also Buy Soundcloud plays and Soundcloud likes from reputable businesses such as SMGains to help you grow on Soundcloud.

Finally, constructing your own website with your selected domain name is one of the best methods to market yourself, your brand, your band, or your podcast. In this manner, your target audience and internet browsers can find you and learn more about you via your website.


SoundCloud is a massive streaming network that competes with Spotify for the number one place. Despite this, it is not the highest-paying streaming platform for artists, podcasters, or other content creators. That should not be avoided! On the contrary, with such a large audience, even if you only reach a few thousand streamers, you can still earn a good living. If you buy SoundCloud followers, plays & likes, you will get a boost in your growth in Soundcloud as an artist.

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