For aspiring artists seeking to establish themselves, the world is a challenging place. It’s upsetting when you think your music isn’t being heard because there is so much competition. Many of you have likely heard recommendations to buy SoundCloud plays and SoundCloud likes.

Similar to purchasing Instagram followers, purchasing Soundcloud plays has benefits but also a number of drawbacks.

Why Purchase Plays on Soundcloud?

First off, reaching a larger audience with your music is one of the biggest obstacles emerging artists confront. Building a fan base can be quite difficult and take a long time.

Additionally, it seems to make sense that musicians want to start promoting their songs and getting them out there as soon as possible. Therefore, there is a tendency to use certain quick fixes, like purchasing views or obtaining free SoundCloud plays.

Similar to purchasing Instagram followers, the goal of purchasing inexpensive SoundCloud plays is to increase the number of people who listen to your recordings and encourage them to share them with their friends.

To buy SoundCloud plays and followers, on the other hand, is typically not regarded as good practice and is expressly prohibited by the web site’s rules and conditions.

At the end of the day, these plays are effectively “fake plays,” therefore it has a lot of potential for spam.

In order for you to determine whether purchasing SoundCloud plays is a smart marketing move or not, let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

The Advantages of Purchasing SoundCloud Plays

  1. A song can get a lot of attraction by purchasing SoundCloud plays. This means that instead of starting from scratch, you have already had a few thousand plays. This will quickly give it more momentum and draw in more viewers.
  2. Your social credibility may be enhanced by them. If SoundCloud plays to give your song a head start, it may appear to be incredibly popular, which will draw even more listeners.
  3. Not only will more people who use SoundCloud to discover new artists pay attention to you, but purchasing SoundCloud plays will also get you noticed by the press, agencies, and possible record labels.
  4. There’s a significant probability that you can get viral if you buy SoundCloud plays. While obviously not always the case, SoundCloud plays significantly raise your likelihood of going viral.
  5. People start talking about your music because of it, which promotes dialogue. You may also purchase SoundCloud comments and likes if you want listeners to engage with your music more.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing SoundCloud Plays

  1. Most of the time, SoundCloud plays aren’t directed toward particular artists. This implies that, despite the fact that it might raise your play count, you have no control over who is listening to your music or whether they will like it or not.
  2. You still need to promote your SoundCloud songs because, for the most part, buying SoundCloud plays is merely meant to increase your play count. Of course, there are certain exceptions, but generally speaking, this isn’t a deal that can be completed in a single step.
  3. Since buying SoundCloud plays isn’t exactly a common practice, you’ll have to keep your purchase a secret if you do.
  4. Scams are commonplace on SoundCloud and other social media platforms. As a result, many of the businesses you come across that purport to offer SoundCloud plays to their customers are nothing more than a scam that either sells phony plays or tries to collect their clients’ personal data in order to sell it to another business.

Final Remarks

These are the advantages and drawbacks of buying SoundCloud plays for your account, in brief lists.

As you can see, buying SoundCloud plays has just as many pros as negatives, which makes your choice difficult.

There are other businesses out there, though, that genuinely care about you and won’t defraud you or take your personal information.

Finally, how you promote your music on SoundCloud is entirely up to you; just be aware that you’ll need to put in more effort than simply paying for our SoundCloud plays.




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