Suppose, you uploaded your first track on Soundcloud, or you might be already established and growing your profile. It’s you who is playing the music, and that is just so cool! But as you navigate the platform, you might start to wonder: so what are these figures behind my tracks all about? SoundCloud Plays, Likes, and Followers – what do they all mean? Likes and Followers are used to evaluate how others are interacting with your music, but what do they mean? And on top of that, what exactly do we value among all of the other things?

Plays: The Raw Numbers

The most clear and visible metric of all is the number of plays – it is the amount of times the track has been listened to on Soundcloud. This is a smart way to see how many people find your music and become a part of it. A lot of plays mean your music is being heard by a larger group of listeners, which is a good signal!

Yet, it’s vital to note that not all soundcloud plays have the same quality. An individual who is genuinely interested in your song and who plays it to the end, without skipping, is obviously more engaged than someone who skips after a few seconds. Soundcloud doesn’t separate these types of plays as such, therefore, a high number of plays doesn’t necessarily mean a highly engaged audience.

Likes: A ‘Thumbs Up’ is usually a short one

The Like button of Soundcloud is a message for the listeners that they liked the song. It’s a short and simple way for them to show their gratitude without having to type a single word. While a number of Soundcloud Likes is certainly a good thing, it is not really so much as playing since it doesn’t necessarily shed light on the whole picture. Perhaps someone may Like your song because the opening seconds had them hooked, but that does not mean they listened to a full track or actively searched for more of your music.

Followers: Building Your Fanbase

Followers make up the soul of any Soundcloud artist. As such, when another user follows you, that means they want to be updated with you. They will get notified if you upload a new track or repost something interesting, this way they will always be on the radar of your music. A sizable fan base shows that you are developing a loyal audience who is not just merely interested in your music but also genuinely following your work.

Here’s the key difference between Likes and Soundcloud Followers: Likes are one-time interactions and Follows are long-term engagement. A person who likes your track may instantly forget you but a Fan tends to become a long-term fan.

The Big Picture: Hindsight is always 20/20.

So, the question is which metric do you consider vital? On the contrary, there isn’t one response that fits all. Plays, Likes, and Followers are all parts of the full picture that they are building around how people interact with your music. Here’s how to consider them together:

High Plays with Low Likes/Followers: It could be the fact that your songs are being heard by a large group of people, but they might not be buying the lyrics. Try to make the tracks more catchy or just focus your marketing strategy on a particular niche.

Low Plays with High Likes/Followers: This implies that you have a core fan base that is fond of your music, but there is a chance that you are not drawing in a sizable number of new listeners. Check out the promotional strategies or work with another artist.

Balanced Growth: This is the best case in point! Your music is getting more plays, likes, and followers, which means it is reaching more listeners and is enjoyed by them.

Thereby, you should keep in mind that the main goal is to get in touch with real fans who are not only interested in your music but also love it.  Here are some simple tips to get Soundcloud success:

  • Engage with your followers
  • Collaborate with other artists.
  • Promote the songs on other platforms

If you’re serious about growing your music career on Soundcloud, consider checking out SMGains.  They provide many resources and tools which are tailored to help artists like you achieve your dreams. SMGains can be your trusted partner in the process of planning and performing your online music from effective promotion strategies to perfecting your craft.

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